Walton Time

Walton Time is a new advertising publication offering effective and low cost advertising for all types of businesses in the Walton area. It also includes short interesting articles about local residents, businesses, information about ongoing events, special offers, council announcements etc.

Walton Time is an A4 size 4 page colour publication distributed in the Walton area (with 23.000 households) in quantity of 5.000 copies every two weeks (in different parts of Walton). Every two months we would cover the whole Walton area.
After every distribution we share on our website a copy from distribution company confirming distributed quantity so you can be sure your money were used with purpose.

We have good ideas for your business advertising, experienced graphic designers will prepare outstanding design that people will remember. Advertising doesn’t need to cost much if made with passion and good idea. If you have your own ideas how to advertise your business we can help you with that. Walton Time is flexible solution created for people.

How much do it cost?

To advertise in Walton Time costs from £10 to £45 per issue (for every 5.000 distributed copies) depending on size of advert. Click here to see full price list

Artwork design costs £10 - £25 for outstanding quality. Click here to see our portfolio and quality we offer.

If you would go with your own leaflet, you would need to spend over £300 to print and distribute 5.000 copies.

Lets calculate the costs when you print and distribute your leaflets on your own:

1. £50-£100 for good quality artwork
2. From £100 to 150 for printing 5.000 copies leaflets
3. At least £175 you would pay for distribution for 5.000 copies (Distribution costs minimum £35 per 1000 copies).

To distribute 20.000 copies you need to spend around £1000 in total. At Walton Time your advert costs only between £40 and £200 depending on size for every 20.000 copies printed and distributed.

Click here to see full price list and BOOK your advert ONLINE.

Special offer: when paying upfront for 4 issues and more you get 10% discount.

How do I order?

You can book your advert ONLINE or pay CASH on the visit

1. To book your advert online press here and follow the instructions.

2. Alternatively please send us email to info@waltontime.co.uk or text message to: 07828 083 935 with your shop or business name and address. Our representatives would call in to discuss all details and take the payments.

For more information please call us on 07828 083 935 or visit us at Patisserie Liverpool, 5-7 County Road, L4 3QA.

Every client is important for us and we treat everybody individually.